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eter Hatcher's little brother, Fudge, is four. And he's as monstrous as ever! When Fudge discovers that his new baby sister can't play with him, he tries to sell her. When that doesn't work, he tries giving her away. And ON his first day at school he kicks his teacher AND calls her Rat Face. Can his big brother help him out this time?

Superfudge is the third book in the hilariously funny Fudge series FROM the bestselling author AND household name Judy Blume, featuring cover art FROM picture book star, Emily Gravett. Start the series with Tales of Fourth Grade Nothing OR continue the chaos with Fudge-a-Mania AND Double Fudge.

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  • Autor: Judy Blume
  • Producent Pan Macmillan
  • Rok wydania: 2014
  • Stan: nowy, pełnowartościowy produkt
  • Model: 9781447262893
  • Język: angielski
  • ISBN: 9781447262893
  • EAN: 9781447262893
  • Wymiary: 13.0x19.0x1.5 cm